•        How to order art -  You can always email or call me or by going to the CONTACTS tab at the top of the screen. It is helpful for me if you would also fill in a bit of information along with comments you might have like address and phone and reason for contacting. 


  •          Do you do commission work?  Yes.

  •          Points to consider about commission work?  Basically it is somewhat like a collaborative effort, an exchange of idea between you and I as to what you are looking for in a commission work. Consider the following:
  •           What is the topic of this commission.... landscape, portrait, still life....?
  •           Where will you place the commission... in your home, an office? Does it need to replace a current picture? Will it go in a certain location to fill a specific theme?
  •           What size will it be? For example, generally portraits are done on 20" X 30" when doing head-shoulder, larger canvas if adding waist height and so on. Also, it doesn't mean we can not go to a smaller size, it just means that less detail will be one of the limiting factors.
  •           Another item to consider is the overall appearance of the painting. Consider: The color and style of your painting, for example, in a landscape, you could say I like the color in painting "COVERED BRIDGE", and the composition in "CLOSED FOR THE SEASON", and the size to 20" x 16".
  •           Once you have an idea of the size and what you'd like to have or what you don't want to have in your painting, we can then determine what you want to invest in you piece.
  •           We'll both get on the phone and discuss your requests along with your investment needs and determine a schedule. All of my commission work is 100% satisfaction. I know I can make you as happy with your vision as all my other commissions have been, and since we all see color a bit differently, our work is to both see the same color.


  •          The shipping costs will be determined by overall size and shipping distance. Framed paintings are packaged in cardboard boxes designed for frames. Individual prints or oils on canvas (that can be rolled) without framing are shipped rolled up and sent in tubes.


  •            Does the price include framing - no.
  •            How much does framing cost. Please call, see CONTACTS for comments.


  •            When can I get my art? If the art is in stock, usually 2-3 weeks. Special orders take longer.
  •            How long does it take to do a commission? See comments above under COMMISSIONS.


Art is my life. The color in it is my passion.


  •            Do you do art from photographs? - Yes I do art from photographs. One of the biggest challenges of using photos as a guide to doing oil paintings is to keep the art from looking like a "photo" because as the photo image passes thru the lens the image and color is generally changed in order to "fit" in the view. It is that changed view, like a wide lens, or close up distortion that has a tendency to be pronounced in a less desirable way when doing art (unless we are specifically looking to keep that effect). It is great for photo work but not always the best result for art expression. That is why my art work displays a more "artistic" approach. You can find examples of some of my oil works done from a photograph at the "RECITAL TIME" or "RHAPSODY CONCERT" painting located at the MUSIC or PORTRAITS menus.


  •              How do I contact you for art purchase?- I am always interested in hearing from you and helping answer questions about my art. You can always email or call me or by going to the CONTACTS tab at the top of the screen and fill in a bit of information along with comments you might have. Or you can go to the sidebar menu "How To Purchase" and click CONTACTS.


  •               How much does your artwork cost? - It depends on what I'm being asked to do or what item is available for purchase. The cost of items available for purchase are labeled at each detail picture location. I do commission work as well and the best way to determine cost with that request is to contact me through my CONTACTS tab.


  •              I've decided to begin a blog about how I do my art work. A new tab will be created but since I'm just getting started it is "UNDER CONSTRUCTION". You can always check back, click it and see what the latest project is. 


  •             How do I pay for art that I have ordered? - Go to the Contacts tab